The best and cheapest PADI IDC Price is by taking IDC packages.

Following are some of the most popular PADI IDC Price packages. If the package you want or need isn't here tell us

and we will tailor-make one just for you!

All PADI IDC prices are listed below are in Thai Baht (THB).

PADI IDC Payment may be made in any currency as we will simply change it in the bank.

We also use Pay Pal and accept all Major Credit Cards and we do NOT charge anything extra for paying via Credit Cards!

Special IDC Package Prices

Get ProDM / IDC / EFRI / EANx InstructorFrom 79,950 THB
30,000 THB
Pro SilverPrep / IDC / EFRI / EANx Instr48,850 THB12,000 THB
Pro GoldPrep / IDC / EFRI / MSDT (EANx Instr + 4 Spec. Instr)From 58,600 THB17,000 THB
Pro RebreatherPrep / IDC / EFRI / EANx Instr / RB & Adv RB DiverComingComing
Pro EFRIDC / EFRI / EANx Instr43,500 THB12,000 THB
Pro BasicIDC Prep / IDC / EANx Instr41,850 THB12,000 THB

Individual Course Prices

DivemasterMinimum 10From 39,000 THB
15,000 THB
Divemaster Pro (incl 5 Specialities)Minimum 20Varies17,000 THB
IDC Prep310,300 THB3,500 THB
Assistant InstructorMinimum 528,000 THB12,000 THB
OWSIMinimum 628,000 THB12,000 THB
IDC1038,500 THB12,000 THB
EFR Instructor1 - 211,900 THB4,000 THB
EFRI Crossover13,500 THB1,500 THB
IDC StaffMinimum 1219,000 THB7,000 THB
IDC Staff Update1VariesVaries
EANx Instructor14,550 THB1,500 THB
One day Speciality Instructor Course14,200 THB1,500 THB
Two day Specialty Instructor Course25,600 THB1,500 THB
MSDT Prep5from 18,000 THB7,000 THB
Some exceptions:
Rebreather Diver439,000 THB13,000 THB
Rebreather Instructor3From 15,000 THB7,000 THB
Rebreather & Adv Rebreather & Rebreather InstructorVariesVariesvaries
DPV Instructor16,500 THB10,000 THB
Oxygen Instructor15,250 THB1,500 THB
Gas Blender InstructorVariesVaries5,000 THB


PADI IDC prices: Specialty Instructor course.

The prices quoted are for tuition but do not include the price of personal specialized equipment. Personal equipment is things such as SMBs, reels, dive computers, cameras, torches, etc. However certain items like EANx Cylinders, which are specialty equipment are not regarded as "personal equipment" and are included in PADI IDC prices. If you are not sure please e-mail us and ask.

Also not included are any PADI application fees, PADI materials and boat fees. Boat fees will vary depending on the destination you choose. The beach is free, however the Similan Islands cost a little bit more!

A complete list of PADI Specialty Instructor courses that Chris teaches can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: at the time of writing is undergoing a complete redesign and update. As such some of the information may be currently slightly out of date.

PADI IDC price Refund / Cancellation Policy:
  • Cancellations must be made in writing by e-mail: addressed ATTN: CHRIS - IDC REFUND
  • A Full refund of the deposit will be given if cancelled 60 days or more before the IDC program start date
  • 50% deposit will be refunded if cancelled between 60 days and 30 days before IDC program start date
  • No deposit will be refunded if cancelled less than 30 days before IDC program start date
  • All dates and times re: cancellations / refunds are made using local Thai time
  • Card holders are fully responsible for any refund costs: money transfer costs / bank charges etc

Please note: there are usually no charges for changes of schedule if we are given enough notice, only course cancellations. However contact Chris for details

Career Development Package Examples

Have PADI Open Water Diver Certification:
Phase I Professional: 127,500 THB
Phase I Basic:83,500 THB
Note: includes all manuals, materials and Certification Fees
Phase II: 81,000 THB
Phase III Professional: 57,500 THB
Phase III Basic: 39,500 THB
Have PADI Advanced Diver certification:
Phase I Professional: 115,650 THB
Phase I Basic: 68,500 THB
Note: includes all manuals, materials and PICs
Phase II: 81,500 THB
Phase III Professional: 57,500 THB
Phase III Basic: 39,500 THB
Have PADI Rescue Diver certification:
Phase I Professional: 108,500 THB
Phase I Basic: 88,500 THB
Note: includes all manuals, materials and PICs
Phase II:81,500 THB
Phase III Professional: 57,500 THB
Phase III Basic: 39,500 THB