Assistant Instructor student checking his Confined Water debriefing

PADI Assistant Instructor Course  19,000 THB

Already a PADI Divemaster? But can’t get work as a Divemaster? Do you want to make yourself more employable? Or do you just want to take the next step? The PADI Assistant Instructor is definitely ahead of a Divemaster when it comes to getting work.

PADI Assistant Instructors can independently teach the classroom portions of any PADI Course up to PADI Divemaster. They can independently evaluate all the Surface Skills of an OW course. They can become EFR Instructors and much more! If you want work experience as a PADI Divemaster before your PADI Instructor Course, then you are way more employable as an Assistant Instructor than a Divemaster!

PADI Divemasters what are you waiting for, check out your next step now!



  • Duration: Min 5 days
  • Pre-requisites: Divemaster
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Digital/Online Study: Yes
  • Availability: Contact us
  • Group Size: Varies
  • Personal Tuition: Available

PADI Assistant Instructor Course – Min 5 days

The PADI Assistant Instructor course introduces candidates to some of the basic skills and methods of teaching scuba diving. You will learn how to teach in the pool where divers actually learn the skills to start with. In the classroom where they understand and learn “Why” and “How” things occur underwater. And again in Open Water where PADI student divers demonstrate their proficiency and mastery of the skills and knowledge gained from Confined Water and the Classroom.

We will look at How people learn and The PADI System of Diver Education. The Assistant Instructor Course focuses on the programs that you will be able to teach as Assistant Instructors. Such as The Coral Reef Conservation Specialty and the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.

Candidates learn how to give Prescriptive Teaching Knowledge Development presentations  in the classroom. Confined Water Teaching presentations in the pool. Finally Open Water presentations in sea. You will be pleased to know these are graded on these EXACTLY the same as they would be on a PADI IDC or at the PADI IE.

You will be listening to 10 IDC Curriculum presentations given by your PADI Course Director and IDC Staff . Although you do have an option to complete half of them online. In turn you will be giving a minimum of:

  • The PADI Skill Circuit of 24 skills
  • 2 x CW Teaching presentations from the PADI Open Water Diver Course
  • 1 x Open Water Teaching Presentation of 2 skills again from the PADI Open Water Diver Course
  • 2 x Knowledge Development Teaching presentations
  • PADI Standards Exam.

For details of what exactly what these PADI IDC Teaching Presentations are and how they are made up please refer to The PADI Instructor Development Page

Now you are a PADI Assistant Instructor … what's next?

We have taught many PADI Assistant Instructors over the past 17 years, and we have found certain trends among our AIs. Assistant Instructors tend to go back to their home country and continue their usual life. They continue to working with their local dive shop in the evenings and at weekends. Some found a job as an Assistant Instructor / Divemaster and worked as an Assistant Instructor. This was usually until they were able to pay for the OWSI portion of the IDC and become a full-time Instructor.

Whatever your plans; you are way, way more beneficial to any Dive Shop or operation as an Assistant Instructor than you are as a PADI Divemaster. And if you want work experience as a Divemaster before becoming an instructor. Then you are much more employable as an Assistant Instructor and is well worth the time and effort.

Consequently for many people the Assistant Instructor Course is in fact a stepping stone to that of PADI Instructor.,

If you are an AI already and wish to continue your adventure and advance your Career Option, feel free to contact us about how we can help!

Assistant Instructor Pricing Options

PADI Assistant Instructor19,000 THB
Not included: PADI materials and PADI Application Fees.