PADI IDC Training Facilities: PADI Diving Instructor Development Courses

PADI IDC Training Facilities: Our purpose built PADI 5*IDC & TecRec Rebreather Centre complete with nearby scuba diving training pools and computerised classrooms.

We conduct all our courses, both professional and recreational levels, at our PADI 5* IDC Training Centre. This is PADI 5* Instructor Development Centre (IDC) & TecRec Centre Indepth Dive Centre. Our Indepth PADI IDC Training facilities were designed and built by divers to cater specifically for divers and their special needs.

In 2009 Chris, the owner of Indepth, decided it was time to stop running his PADI IDC program through other dive centres. This was because he was tired of working with people who he didn’t feel feel understood how PADI Courses should be taught. Nor did they invest enough time, money or effort in making the quality facilities we expect of the top dive centres in the Diving Industry.

								 We have the best purpose built PADI IDC Training facilities on Phuket, Thailand

PADI IDC Training Facilities: So in 2009 Chris and his diving Wife bought a building and promptly demolished most of it.

In fact, we knocked down every wall, took off the roof, ripped out all the electrics, smashed all the tiles and re-plumbed the building. We really do mean we demolished everything and quite literally rebuilt the entire building.To build our main IDC Classroom we had build half a floor which was originally “open plan.” We also built an equipment room onto the back of the building. We wanted to create the “perfect” IDC Training facilities. One in which Chris would have liked to be studying and working in when he took his own PADI IDC. As well as his other PADI scuba diving & Poseidon Rebreather Courses.

The Ground Floor

You enter Indepth Dive Centre either from the front of the building through Retail or through the door on the side of the building. The side entrance is in fact the correct entrance to the IDC Training Centre. On the ground floor are lockers for students to lock up anything they wish to. We also have drying racks for dive equipment and Rebreathers in the IDC training facilities. There is a work bench and the diving equipment room where we store all our rental equipment and customers equipment. The Poseidon Rebreathers are usually on the ground floor either on display in the shop or boxed up.

Moving upstairs to the first floor

Moving upstairs in our Training Centre you will find the main Indepth IDC classroom. Our IDC training facilities are complete with LCD projectors, computers and huge glass wall which acts as a whiteboard as well as to project onto. We built the speakers into the ceiling and there are international sockets just about everywhere. The classroom has good white desks and comfy chairs. We deliberately decided to set up the 2nd classroom in the IDC training facilities in a very different style. This classroom has sofa style furnishings, coffee table and huge flat screen TV. The Instructor just plugs his notebook in and off we go.

At the time of writing, the top floor of our IDC facilities is in the process of being turned into a Rebreather CCR and Tec Diving dedicated floor!

Between the classrooms is large social area

This has a full-size fridge for students to use for drinks and snacks. For example, if you like fresh milk in your coffee then go buy some fresh milk and put it in the fridge. If you like drinking cold coke then buy a large bottle and stick it in the fridge. Beer has also been known to live in the fridge during IDCs for evening study "refreshment". There is also hot and cold water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and so on.

And last but not least in our IDC training facilities, is the balcony which makes up the entire roof of equipment room. This is where students can get some fresh air during class breaks. Or a cigarette for those who don’t like the fresh air.

PADI IDC Training Facilities: Scuba Diving Training Pools

We use two pools both purpose built for scuba diver training.

The first training pool is the best and is around 10 minutes’ drive away from the IDC Training Facilities. However, it is very, very big, crystal clear pool, complete with a superb 5m vertical drop off. This is perfect for Phuket Rebreather training dives as well as PADI IDC Training. In addition to all the regular diving classes. These PADI IDC Training facilities include several showers, changing rooms and large aircon room. Cooked in their onsite restaurant, lunch is served at a suitable time as arranged by your instructor.

For PADI IDC training this is a perfect pool for PADI Open Water Course presentations. It also allows realistic practice of Rescue Diver exercises! Especially skills with underwater approaches and assignments like rigging lift bags from the Search and Recovery Course. All of which are Open Water skills which you can expect at the IE. This pool is just AWESOME for Rebreather Training Dives!

The second IDC training facilities pool is much smaller but also a vertical wall of 3m. Again, this is invaluable for training students realistically. Especially, skills like ascents and descents, equalizing, neutral buoyancy exercises like hovering etc. These can be difficult in the usual 1.8-2m deep pools or less normally found in Phuket and Thailand.

PADI IDC Training Facilities: Tanks, compressors etc

Our tanks generally live in the IDC Training facilities equipment room. However, compressors and Nitrox blending station are found in a building next to our PADI IDC Training facilities. This facility run by a Thai company dedicated to tank filling, servicing and equipment repair. This helps ensure the peace and quiet you want for your training with no compressor running in the background.

We believe we have and use some of the best PADI IDC Training Facilities found in Thailand ...