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DAN Oxygen Provider Course  5,500 THB

The DAN Oxygen Provision in Dive Accidents is a simple and fun course designed to teach you the skills needed to provide Oxygen to scuba divers experiencing an Emergency. Most injured scuba divers are breathing and require supplemental Oxygen. And as divers we all know 100% O2 is the recognized First Aid for Decompression Illness / DCI. However do you know how to give someone Oxygen if they need it? Or because YOU need it?

The DAN Oxygen Provider Course topics include Diving Accident recognition and the benefits of Oxygen Provision. In the DAN O2 Provider Course we look at precautions and safety procedures with 100% Oxygen. And how to provide 100% Oxygen to either responsive or unresponsive victims. Additionally participants are also certified in the use of the DAN Oxygen Unit, or an equivalent system.

Take the DAN Oxygen Provider Course and extend your knowledge & Skills and most of all, to be prepared ...

  • Duration: ½ Days Classroom
  • Pre-requisites: Certified Diver and CPR & First Aid
  • Minimum Age: 14
  • Digital/Online Study: No
  • Availability: Daily
  • Group Size: 4:1
  • Personal Tuition: 1:1 personal tuition is available

The DAN Oxygen Provider Course (Nationally Recognised in Australia - RTO 4659)

As we all learnt on our Open Water Course, Oxygen First Aid is the definitive First Aid for DCI. DCI being Decompression Sickness and Lung Expansion Injuries. Because when you are out on the dive boat you probably know where the Oxygen kit is? Correct? So the most noteworthy question is, do you know how to give Oxygen to an injured diver in a real emergency?

If not then The DAN Oxygen Provider course is especially relevant!

In fact all scuba divers are strongly advised to undergo training in resuscitation and oxygen provision. Certainly the skills developed are extremely valuable for all divers. In contrast, however, they are essential for all scuba diving Instructors and Divemasters. DAN launched the world’s most popular Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Divers course in 1991. Chris has actually been teaching it since February 1994. Furthermore, because it is so very important, it has been included in all our Indepth PADI Instructor Development Courses / IDCs since 2000.

In fact we would go as far as to say ANYONE responsible for the safety and well-being of scuba divers MUST be trained in DAN Oxygen Administration!

The DAN O2 Provider Course is suitable for scuba divers of all levels, be they either beginner or fully qualified Instructor.

First of all you read your Oxygen Provider Student manual and answer the Knowledge Reviews. There is also an excellent DVD which we watch in class. You will then review some basic diving physiology and physics. And we will have a good look at the DAN Oxygen Delivery system. This consists of an Oxygen Cylinder, Oronasal mask, Pocket Mask and Non-Rebreather Mask. You will also learn how to assemble and disassemble the DAN Oxygen unit.

This is then followed by the hands-on Skills session. Now you will not only learn how to use each delivery system, but also in what situations you should actually use them.

For example: What Flow Rate should a a Non-Rebreather Mask be set on? What are you going to do if the Reservoir Bag empties?

When you are happy with the basic Oxygen Provider skills then we will run you through a variety of realistic situations. Here you will apply your knowledge and skills in a “real setting,” therefore responding to simulated injury scenarios as they develop!

All in all a great fun and invaluable course to take ...

Now you know the basics and can therefore provide Oxygen in Emergency Diving situations

So what is next?

Although DAN Asia-Pacific believes that DAN-style units fulfill the needs of most dive professionals. They have also developed various Extension Modules to train people in the use of more Advanced Oxygen equipment. As a result these modules are excellent for those who have a specific need or desire for such training.

Extension Modules include:

  • MTV-100
  • Bag-Valve-Mask
  • Closed Circuit Oxygen Resuscitator

Why not try the DAN / PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (HMLI) because you never know what you are going to come up against? Or maybe Advanced Oxygen Administration, therefore making you more invaluable in an emergency?

Invaluable if you are either going onto your PADI Rescue or Divemaster Courses or have already taken them. You simply cannot go wrong learning more about O2 Administration and other diver related safety courses!

DAN Oxygen Provider Pricing Options

½ - 1 DayClassroom Only5,500 THB
Included: DAN course materials and certification fees as well as all necessary use of mannequins, Oxygen units, AED etc needed for the course.