Here you will find the best Ko Lanta Dive Sites: Trips departing from Chalong Pier Phuket

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Which are the best Ko Lanta Dive Sites?

Koh Lanta dive sites are without doubt some of the best dive sites in Thailand. However even though Koh Lanta would really like to the best Ko Lanta dive sites to themselves. Unfortunately for them and great news for us, is you do not have to be on Koh Lanta to be able to dive them.

All the Ko Lanta dive sites are accessible by Dive Trip from both Phi Phi and Phuket. Although from Phuket it is best go on a 2-3 day trip on a Phuket Liveaboard to these magnificent sites. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are in the top 5 dive sites in Thailand. And they rival those of Koh Tachai and the mega famous Richelieu Rock which are both North of the Similan islands.

Diving at Hin Muang and in particular Hin Daeng is nothing short of spectacular. In fact this past year alone we have seen records smashed with the amount of Mantas and Whalesharks seen there.

Koh Haa is a small group of limestone islands ½ way between Hin Daeng to the south and Phi Phi to the North. These 5 islands have some of the clearest visibility anywhere in the Andaman Sea region of Phuket. There are also several caves and caverns to explore.

Diving the best Lanta Dive Sites

Hin Daeng

Hin Daeng is a large seamount approximately 200m away from Hin Muang and just breaks the surface by a metre or so at low tide. The dive site of Hin Daeng is a mecca for Manta Rays and Whalesharks because it attracts them like bees to a honey pot. This is in part due to its rapid drop offs to 60 metres plus. It is the depths that attract these large pelagic fish year after year, also because of the large amount of plankton which gather here.

Hin Muang

Hin Mung starts just 8m below the surface and can therefore prove to be a little trickier than its sister dive spot, especially if there are some currents. Having said that though, because of this Hin Muang is a feeding station for Mantas Rays. This year we witnessed 2 very large males competing for the right to dine here for free.

Ko Haa Neua / Nua

Ko Haa Nuea or as it usually called 'The Chimney.' This is another spectacular Ko Lanta dive site that will excite and also invigorate divers. The Chimney has its entrance at about 5m from the surface and is filled with fish all the way down to the bottom, which sits at about 18m. You will have to fight your way through the fish on this dive, its insane.

Ko Ha Lagoon

Ko Haa Lagoon is simply beautiful, there are no other words to describe it. Because it is a relatively shallow dive site the viz and marine life make up any short fall in depth. Remember it is best to keep your eye out for the huge school of Yellow Tail Barracudas patrolling the area.

Ko Haa Yai

Ko Haa Yai or The Cathedral as it often called. This dive site is so named because of the 2 huge caverns located half way along the site. These caverns are not deep but they are quite dark once inside. Therefore please be sure to take a torch and always dive with an experienced Dive guide when exploring any of these Ko Lanta dive sites.

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