PADI Instructor Examination are run every month on Phuket. Join Indepth for your PADI IDC on Phuket Thailand

PADI Instructor Examination (IE) Phuket, Thailand

The PADI Instructor Examination is a 2 day evaluative program is conducted by Examiners from PADI. The IE evaluates your readiness to start teaching PADI Scuba Diving Courses as an entry-level PADI Instructor.

To enter the PADI Instructor Examination (IE) you need to have completed an entire IDC / OWSI program within the past 12 months. In addition, you need to have 100 logged dives. Once you have completed an IDC / OWSI and you will receive your IDC / IE Paperwork from your PADI Course Director. This will also then allow you to attend an IE anywhere in the world.

In fact we schedule all our Phuket PADI IDC programs to end with the start of an Instructor Examination. And if you join us for an IDC and IE you will also get the chance to dive Phuket as the Open Water Evaluation will be at Kata Beach House Reef!

If you have successfully completed our Indepth IDC with Chris, then you will find that there is absolutely nothing new expected of you at the IE ...

The PADI Instructor Examination (IE)

The purpose of PADI Instructor Examination is to see if you understand the PADI System and are ready to start teaching as an Entry-Level PADI Instructor. So not surprisingly, Chris and the Indepth IDC Staff are not allowed to help you.

PADI Instructor Examination: What should you expect?

At your IE you will be given various teaching presentations the same as you were on the IDC. In a way, you could say PADI is double checking that your PADI Course Director has done their job properly. In other words, that you are now ready to become a entry-level Open Water PADI Scuba Instructor and ready to start teaching PADI courses. After all, once your PADI Course Director signs your IDC / IE paperwork they are saying you are ready to start teaching.

Now in order to attend an IE you must have completed a PADI IDC / OWSI program within the past 12 months. Therefore, we schedule all our PADI IDC programs to finish 1 day before the start of the Phuket IEs.

You will have 5 Dive Theory exams:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Theory and also The Recreational Dive Planner
  • Equipment
  • General Skills and The Diving Environment

YES this is exactly the same 5 Dive Theory topics as on your Indepth IDC Prep and IDC. By the time you get to the PADI Instructor Examination you will have had the chance to do FIVE sets of Dive Theory exams.

Written Exams and Knowledge Development Presentation

You will have 1 PADI Standards Exam, EXACTLY the same as the TWO Standards Exams you did on your Indepth PADI IDC. Once you have completed your written exams you then be given time to prepare your Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation. Again, EXACTLY the same as you did on your Indepth IDC. Once you have prepared it then you will do it and that's you finished for the morning.

You would then usually go back to the dive centre where we will be eagerly awaiting you!

Confined Water Teaching Presentation and Skill Circuit

After lunch we will then head to the pool where you will give your Confined Water Teaching Presentation. And as you would expect, this will be either from the Open Water Diver Course or Rescue Diver Course. Therefore this is once again EXACTLY the same as you did on your Indepth IDC. There is also the IE Skill Circuit of 5 skills. Again, exactly the same as you did during your Indepth IDC Prep and IDC. Except on the IDC Prep and on The IDC you demonstrated all 24 skills.

And that is the end of Day 1.

Open Water Teaching Presentation

Day leaves you with only two things left to do, Your Open Water Teaching Presentation of 2 skills and your Demonstration of Rescue Exercise #7. This can be mouth to mask or mouth to mouth. And once again these are EXACTLY the same as you also did on your PADI Indepth IDC.

Your Open Water Teaching Presentation will be 2 skills from the Open Water Course. Or a Continuing Education Course (Adventures or Rescue etc). Then either before or after your Open Water presentation, you will perform a demonstration of Rescue Exercise #7.

Once successful, Candidates will be certified as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors (OWSI) and therefore be qualified to teach courses from Open Water up to Divemaster.

That’s it Folks … the program is either pass or fail ...