Take your PADI Advanced Rebreather Course with Chris and Indepth on Phuket Thailand

PADI Advanced Rebreather Course: From 39,000 THB

So are you ready to advance your Rebreather Diver Course Skills? YES? Great then the PADI Advanced Rebreather Course is for you!

During the PADI Advanced Rebreather course you will learn how to rig and use an off-board cylinder. The primary difference in the equipment you use on the Advanced RB Course. This is mainly adding the off-board cylinder to your equipment, meaning that you can safely dive deeper than 18m on a rebreather. This is because the additional cylinder gives you a completely redundant gas supply, and we know that this is more than enough gas to help you should have any problems. Consequently, on this course we will train you down to 30m where Poseidon Rebreather diving becomes even better! What better way to dive Phuket!

PADI Advanced Rebreather Course: Extend your rebreather dive skills and become qualified to dive to deeper dive sites ...

  • Duration : 3 Days
  • Pre-requisites : PADI Advanced Open Water, Diver PADI Rebreather Diver, 30 logged dives
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Availability: Daily
  • Group Size: 4:1
  • Personal Tuition: 1:1 personal tuition is available

PADI Advanced Rebreather

Are you ready for some deeper Poseidon Advanced Rebreather Diving? AWESOME!

Course Materials

The PADI Advanced Rebreather Course builds on the Knowledge and Skills that you have already mastered on your entry level Rebreather Diver Course. On your PADI Advanced RB Course we now introduce you to the procedures of diving safely with a PADI Type R Rebreather deeper than 18m. We do this by introducing you to an off-board bail out cylinder/tank. This is the main difference in the equipment you will be using your PADI Advanced compared to your initial PADI Rebreather Course.

For your PADI Advanced RB course you do not need to buy any new materials. As you will be using the same PADI materials as you did your PADI Rebreather Diver course. So all you need to do now, is to complete the Adv Rebreather Diver Knowledge Reviews, if you haven’t already. If it was a while since you last did, then have a good review of your Rebreather Diver Course Knowledge Reviews. And if you can, why not try and watch the DVD again just to be sure?

And again before your PADI Adv Rebreather Course please read up on the Poseidon Se7en / MKVI User manuals! It is essential to see how what you are reading in the PADI Student Materials relates to the Poseidon Rebreathers that you will be diving on.

The Pool Dives

Once we are done with the classroom part of the course we then assemble the rebreathers and head off to the pool. This is where you will learn how to dive with the off-board bail out cylinder tank and how to use it to manage emergency situations. This is also a great chance for you to practice any of your basic rebreather eCCR skills that you have done before. On your PADI Advanced Rebreather Course we have all the time in the world. Well up three hours anyway.

The last 2 days of the Advanced RB Course we will go out on the boat for 2 days of excellent rebreather diving on our Poseidon Rebreathers. We usually head out to Racha Yai / Noi or Phi Phi for these Advanced Rebreather dives. This is because the Advanced Rebreather Training Dives must be between 18-30m. So if possible, we will be diving on the Wrecks on Racha Yai Bay 1 or the new Phi Phi Wreck. We could also dive on The King Cruiser Wreck depending on the tide and current.

During the pool you will demonstrate mastery of the new Advanced Rebreather skills, and we can also repeat some of the skills from your basic entry level PADI Rebreather course. We have plenty of time so you can practice whatever you want. Additionally, the pool we use is 5m deep and 25m long so we have plenty of depth.

Course Skills

Some of the exercise you will do include:

  • How to rig and carry an additional tank as an off-board bail out system
  • How to switch between the Rebreather and both on-board and off-board bail out systems
  • Deep dive planning on a Closed Circuit Rebreather
  • Plan and making a dive deeper than 18 meter
  • Learn to recognize and respond to problems that can occur when diving a rebreather at depth
  • Deploying an SMB from depths greater than 20m

After the PADI Advanced Rebreather Course you will be qualified to dive a Poseidon Se7en / MKVI Full Closed Circuit Rebreather to a depth not greater than 30m with no decompression!

Now you are an Advanced Rebreather Diver!


The question now is, what / where do you want to dive now? After all you can now make 3 hour no-decompression dives which changes the game completely! Now you can dive completely different types of dives on the same dive sites you thought you knew well. There is an amazing difference of what you can see on an a 3 hour dive compared to that 40 or 50 minute dive you were used to doing.

Remember you can dive your Poseidon Rebreather on any PADI course that you take. And with your Advanced Rebreather qualification you can dive to 30m now. In fact there is no reason to ever go back and dive Open Circuit if you do not want to. Our Indepth PADI Course Director and PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor Trainer Chris hasn’t dived on anything but his Poseidon MKVI or Se7en Rebreathers since 2013! With the exception of the IDC Open Water Teaching presentations where he has to be on regular open circuit.

For some divers the PADI Tec 40 CCR Diver Course is their next target after the Advanced Rebreather certification. As they want to learn more about Rebreathers and go deeper and stay long. Be warned Technical Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving requires a very different mind-set to that of a Recreational Rebreather Dive. However it's not difficult and it is still a lot of fun!

Let's Go Rebreather Diving ...

Advanced Rebreather Pricing Options

2 Days Boat5 dives + 1 for fun!39,000 THB
Private Course1:1 TuitionAdd 2,000 THB
RECOMMENDED:Rebreather & Advanced Rebreather Diver Combo45,000 THB
Special Discount available for two or more people booking together
Included: PADI course materials, PADI certification fees, Poseidon Rebreather Rental, Scrubbers, O2 fills, Air fills, Boat fees, Lunch and breakfast on the boat, drinking water, tea, coffee, equipment rental (if needed) and round trip hotel transfer from Patong, Kata, Karon, Chalong to the boat and back.
Not included: Hotel transfers from other areas on Phuket please contact us for supplement details