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Indepth IDC Prep: 12,000 THB

First of all, our Indepth PADI IDC Prep is a fun, 3 day program. Our IDC Prep is designed to help IDC candidates refresh their Dive Theory and Instructor level Skill Demonstrations before the start of the PADI IDC. The Prep will take you though ALL 5 Dive Theory Exams you are required to pass in the IDC and IE. And we do not call our IDC Prep an Indepth IDC Prep for nothing!

The 5 PADI Dive Theory Topics are: Physics, Physiology, Decompression Theory and the RDP, Skill and Environment and Equipment.

In addition on our IDC Prep, you will spend 1/2 day in a 5m deep pool practicing your Skill Circuit of 24 skills. And we will have another look at PADI Rescue Diver Course, Rescue Exercise #7. On our IDC Prep not only will The IDC Staff demonstrate it, but you will also get a chance to practice it too. Can you remember the you performed Rescue Exercise #7, still clear? When did you last DEMONSTRATE it?

PLEASE NOTE: Since the PADI Divemaster Course was revised in 2010, the Dive Theory taught on the PADI Divemaster Course is no longer the same as the level expected on the IDC and at the IE! Hence why you need a 3 day Indepth IDC Prep!

Prepare yourself properly with The Indepth IDC Prep course with Indepth Dive Centre ...

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Pre-requisites: PADI Divemaster or leadership-level certification and 60 Logged Dives
  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Digital/Online Study: Yes
  • Availability: See IDC schedule
  • Personal Tuition: 1:1 tuition available

Our Indepth IDC Prep

First of all, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the key to a relaxed and successful PADI IDC program is being properly prepared. We cannot emphasize this enough. This is why we created our Indepth PADI IDC Prep 20 years ago, which remains largely unchanged today.

Our Indepth IDC Prep is a fun 3 day program designed to help PADI IDC candidates prepare properly for their PADI Instructor Course. Our PADI IDC Staff will give Indepth presentations on ALL 5 Dive Theory topics. In addition, on our Prep, we will also give you TWO Dive Theory Exams that we know you have NOT seen before! Now how cool is that?

The 5 Dive Theory topics are:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Theory and the RDP
  • Skills and Environment
  • Equipment

Furthermore, on our Indepth IDC Prep, you will spend a 1/2 day in the pool working on your PADI Instructor Level Skill Demonstrations. These are the 24 skills from the PADI Divemaster Course Skill Circuit so there is nothing new here. On our IDC Prep, time allowing, we will also review PADI Rescue Exercise #7, Knot Tying and Lift Bag use. These skills should not be new to you, however you are expected to be good at them on the IDC and IE. Hence why we have them on our Indepth IDC Prep.

After all, there is little worse than finding yourself in the middle of a PADI IDC and still having to study Dalton’s Law / Partial Pressures. Or how about Archimedes Principle? Do you divide by 1.03 or multiply? It is 1.0, 1,03 or 10.3? How good are you at working out the Minimum Surface Interval on the eRDPml? This is what our Indepth IDC Prep is all about.

WARNING: The PADI Divemaster Course was revised in 2010. Since then the Dive Theory on a PADI Divemaster Course is NOT the same level as the IDC and IE!

Because of this we believe our Indepth IDC Prep has become even more important.

Remember: There is NO Dive Theory taught on the IDC! However, you are still required to have a minimum score of 75% on all 5 Dive Theory exams to successfully complete an IDC. Hence why we believe our Indepth PADI IDC Prep to be so important!

Dive Theory online study option

There is also an option to study your PADI Dive Theory online BEFORE you join our PADI IDC Prep. This is called PADI Dive Theory on-line. And was designed to fill the knowledge gap between what you were taught on the PADI Divemaster Course. And what is expected of you at the IDC and IE. Dive Theory Online covers all 5 Dive Theory Topics in detail. And there is also an exam for each topic that are you need to pass.

Dive Theory online and receive credit for the Dive Theory Exams on the IDC!

During Confined Water, you will demonstrate the 24 skills of the PADI Skill Circuit. Once we have seen at what level your skills are we can therefore work on each skill individually. And don't worry, our Indepth IDC Staff will also demonstrate these for you. And we also will be giving you suggestions along the way. The Evaluation Criteria required for the IDC Prep course is exactly the same as on your PADI Divemaster Course, which is good news. Furthermore, you may remind yourself of the criteria by referring your PADI Instructor Manual in the Divemaster Course section.

Because there are lots of different ways to do the skills, we will show what we have found to be easiest to way to demonstrate them. As well as show you some of the tips and tricks that we have learnt over the 25+ years that we have been doing this.

Time permitting, we will run a PADI Rescue Diver Course Exercise #7: Unconscious Diver at the Surface Workshop making sure that you are familiar and comfortable with it. Demonstrating both the Mouth to Pocket Mask and Mouth to Mouth methods of in-water resuscitation is a requirement. Again, this is exactly the same as you have already done on your PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Divemaster Courses. The difference is that this time you are going to be DEMONSTRATING it as the instructor. And not just performing it as a Rescue Diver Class student.

Also included, as preparation for the real world as an instructor after the IE, is the PADI Nitrox Diver Course. And most of all The PADI / DAN Oxygen Provider Course. Therefore, if you do not have this certification yet or need to refresh now is your chance.

PADI EANx Nitrox Diving Certification:

On our Indepth IDC Prep, for those not yet certified as PADI EANx Nitrox Divers this is a great chance to learn some essential information and get certified. After all do you know any PADI Instructors who are NOT EANx Instructors? For those already certified as EANx Divers this is a chance to refresh their knowledge and skills. For those taking the Specialty Instructor Courses option in the Pro Gold IDC Package, you will get a chance to dive Phuket after the PADI IE.

Are you confident you would still pass your PADI Nitrox Diver examination today?

PADI Oxygen Provider Course

This is because we believe it is vital that anyone involved in the scuba industry that is responsible for the welfare of others to be trained in Oxygen First Aid. As we all know Oxygen First Aid is the essential in First Aid for diving related accidents. The course will give you the basic knowledge and skills necessary to be able to give Emergency Oxygen First Aid. Similarly, you will learn how to assemble and use various Oxygen delivery systems. These include Demand, Oronasal mask, Constant Flow and Pocket Mask with supplemental Oxygen.

Working within the dive industry in many parts of the world requires an Emergency Oxygen Certificate by Law. This is something we agree with and something we would like to see worldwide. Chis has been teaching Oxygen First Aid on every IDC he has taught since November 2000.

To attend a PADI IDC / IE you must have completed CPR / First Aid training within the past 24 months is also a requirement. An EFR Update is available for free as part of the Prep. This focuses on the 10 skills that make up Primary Assessment and Secondary Assessment. This is important preparation for your EFR Instructor Course as well as the IDC.

Please Note: We do not include EFR recertification fees and EFR Materials within our course prices.

IDC Prep Schedule

A typical IDC Prep schedule looks like this. We may change the order of some things as we customize every IDC Prep slightly for each group of candidates.

IDC Prep Day One

  • Registration & Course Orientation
  • Overview of IDC Course Materials: (Guide to Teaching, Training bulletins, slates etc)
  • Divemaster Theory Review: Physics
  • Divemaster Theory Review: Physiology
  • Divemaster Theory: Skills and Environment

IDC Prep Day Two

  • Divemaster Theory review: Recreational Dive Planner (RDP table and eRDPml )
  • Divemaster Theory review: Equipment
  • Review of Knot tying and rigging a lift bag
  • Review of Demonstration Evaluation Criteria and 24 Skills of the PADI Skill Circuit
  • Remedial Dive Theory?

IDC Prep Day Three

  • Skill Circuit and skills practice - pool
  • Skills Review: Exercise #7 unconscious diver at the surface – pool
  • Lunch
  • PADI EANx Diver Course?
  • PADI / DAN Oxygen Provider Course?
  • EFR - CPR / First Aid Update?
  • Remedial Dive Theory?

What are you waiting for?

Book yourself into your Indepth PADI IDC now! And receive indepth directions on How best to prepare for your PADI IDC!

What's after an Indepth IDC Prep?

For once this should be pretty obvious ...

The next step after your IDC Prep is of course your PADI IDC! Therefore all our IDC Prep programs are scheduled as part of an actual IDC program. This in turn runs into the PADI Instructor Exam (IE).

As mentioned you will take your IDC course without dive theory tuition. However, you still require a minimum score of 75% on all 5 Dive Theory exams to successfully complete an IDC.

Consequently, to make sure you haven’t forgotten what you learnt on your PADI DM course or similar, we strongly recommend everyone to take the IDC Prep! As a result of taking the IDC Prep you able to focus more readily on what is taught on the IDC. Especially relevant is to not be still be worrying about Partial Pressures, M Values & Half-times, signs and symptoms of Mediastinal Emphysema and so on.

In conclusion: a solid IDC Prep lays the foundation for a relaxed and well-prepared IDC ...

PADI IDC Prep Pricing Options: the most cost-effective way to take PADI Instructor level Courses is by taking IDC packages

IDC Prep Pricing Options

IDC PrepIDC Prep10,300 THB
Pro Gold:Prep/ IDC/ EFRI / EANx Inst / MSDTfrom 58,600 THB
Pro Silver:Prep/ IDC/ EFRI / EANx Inst48,850 THB
These are some of the most popular packages however if the package you want or need isn't here tell Chris and he will tailor‐make one just for you!
These are some of the most best and most popular PADI IDC packages. However if the package you want or need isn't here tell Chris and he will tailor-make one just for you!

CLICK HERE for full details of the best PADI IDC packages and best PADI IDC pricing.