Indepth Instruction Co. Ltd: Terms & Conditions

Please read through out Terms & Conditions. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd is the Thai Company that owns and runs Indepth Dive Centre PADI 5* IDC and TecRec Centre S-36108.


We strongly recommend that each tourist traveling to Thailand has his / her own personal travel / health insurance for the time spent inside the Kingdom. In our courses, Personal Diving Insurance is not included. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd has a Tourist insurance as required by Thai Law but this doesn’t cover your personal insurance. Please ensure you have the correct insurance to cover your diver certification level and for the level of course you will be undertaking. We suggest it includes at minimum Hyperbaric treatment, trip cancellation insurance and general holiday insurance. If you are unsure of where to obtain the correct diving insurance please contact us and we will you what advice we can depending on your country of residence. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) does have professional liability insurance however this is very different to having your own personal insurance cover.

CERTIFICATION: Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have sent us a copy of your most recent certification card and please bring your Dive Log for the attention of your instructor at the start of any course or your Divemaster before any dive trip. Failure to show your certification may result in not being able to dive on the trip or take part in the course booked.


You will be required to complete the appropriate paperwork for your respective Training Agency. This consists at minimum of: A Liability Release and Assumption of Risk, Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and The RSTC Diving Medical Questionnaire. This is a standard requirement for all levels of scuba diving courses and is to be completed before any in-water activities. Technical Diving courses and Closed Circuit (CCR /eCCR) and / or Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather (SCCR / eSCR) diving may have additional forms to be completed.  Please bring any medical conditions to the attention of your instructor and produce a Doctor’s medical clearance for diving upon arrival if you are already aware of any illnesses that may prevent you from diving. It may be required for the candidate to obtain written medical clearance prior to diving from a physician. Any delays due to medical related issues are not the responsibility of Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) or are subsidiaries and no refund in part or full will be issued.


  • 30% Deposit required at time of booking for all courses/ trips.
  • This deposit is non-refundable.
  • Remaining balance for courses or day trips are required on arrival prior to course start date.
  • Any other fees will be individually specified in your booking receipt.
  • Goods orders require full payment in advance. Goods will be held for a total of 3 months from payment date and order, if goods are not collected or addressed within that 3 months Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) will have the right to cancel the order or re-sell the goods and any money paid is non-refundable.
  • Payments are accepted by cash, credit card (not for deposits) direct bank transfer and Pay Pal
  • Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) DO NOT pass on credit card charges and online payment charges to our customers. Exceptions are when Cash Discounts are offered in case the amount invoiced will be the amount received after bank / Pay Pal charges have been deducted. If you choose to pay by direct bank transfer you must pay any additional charges incurred.
  • No refund or compensation is due payable by Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) for any unused training, goods or trip.
  • Clients, who do not complete the training or trip or collect goods within the specified time for whatsoever reason, cannot be refunded for a portion of the total cost.


  • Cancellations must be made in writing by e-mail: addressed ATTN: CHRIS - IDC REFUND
  • Full refund of the deposit will be given if cancelled 60 days or more before the IDC program start date.
  • 50% deposit will be refunded if cancelled between 60 days and 30 days before IDC program start date.
  • No deposit will be refunded if cancelled less than 30 days before IDC program start date.
  • All dates and times re: cancellations / refunds are made using local Thai time.
  • Card holders are fully responsible for any refund costs: money transfer costs / bank charges etc
  • Balance of IDC program is to be paid in full prior to the start of the program
  • No refund is possible after the start of the  program.


Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth), its subsidiaries, and dive operators reserve the right to rearrange the order of any itinerary, to cancel or substitute elements of any plan without notice when local conditions force such changes.

CERTIFICATION: Terms and Conditions

All fees need to be paid in full before or on the 1st day of your diving course / trip. Please be aware that you as the student pay for the course / training and not the certification card. If you are unable to finish the course because of the following reasons: family matters, health problems or severe weather problems you can come back to Phuket within 6 months to finish the course. At this time, you will have to pay for costs such as boat fees, gasses and scrubber and not the instruction fee.


Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) and its subsidiaries acts only as agent for the person or companies providing accommodation, transport, liveaboard trips or day trips etc. hereafter called ‘Service Providers’ and Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) issues all booking documentation on the Service Providers’ terms and conditions.
The customer acknowledges that neither Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth), nor its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, staff or agents shall be responsible or become liable in contract or tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay to person or property, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any Service Provider or by “force major” or other events beyond Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth)’s control including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, pillage, delays, severe weather, Acts of God, Acts of Government, accidents to or failure of machinery, equipment, vehicles or industrial disputes.
Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) shall not be liable for, or responsible to, any customer in the event of dissatisfaction based on personal opinion regarding the standard of service or accommodation provided by any Service Provider nor is liable or responsible for any disappointment, distress, lack of enjoyment arising from any act or omission whatsoever. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) will only acknowledge liability in the case of proven justified complaints relating to specific and tangible inadequacies of facilities, accommodation or services provided. In the event of such a complaint the customer is requested to immediately contact Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) or the Service Provider, hotel etc., for remedial action to resolve any problem or irregularity at that time. Only if such a complaint has been lodged will Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) consider fully investigating and acting on any complaint. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) is held accountable solely to the laws of Thailand. Any contractual laws from countries other than Thailand remain the responsibility of the agent or the client to manage.


Website content is subject to change without notice before the course or during any tour. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) endeavour to ensure that all information on the website is accurate, but can accept no responsibility for inaccuracy  or truth of statements made. Illustrations are intended to set the mood for each tour destination and may not present actual views as seen on a specific tour. All fares and prices quoted under the umbrella of Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) are correct at the time of publishing. Such fares, prices and international rates of exchange are subject to change which in turn may affect tour/course prices quoted. Regardless of a deposit or full payment having been made the tour member must also pay any increase in the tour/course price. If such increase is unacceptable the tour member retains the right to cancel his/her booking. However, attention is drawn to the possibility that some cancellation charges may be imposed covering Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) cancellation cost.

EQUIPMENT: Terms and Conditions

Any damage to the equipment used by students on courses or day trips during hire under the supervision of instructors or otherwise will result in payment required in proportion of or full payment replacement depending on the extent of the damage.


If there is any political unrest, military conflict, flight cancellations, or any other risk to customers or vessels due to political unrest, then Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) has the right to cancel vacations to this destination. In this event, we will contact you and re-route your booking to another destination at no extra cost. However, in these circumstances we are unable to consider this justification for you to cancel your cruise, and will therefore not be able to authorize any refund or compensation in this event.

WAIVER: Terms and Conditions

Remoteness of areas, local custom, or prevailing weather conditions may cause substitution of facilities and/or equipment, minor inconveniences or modification to the diving portions of the program itinerary. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) reserves the right to modify and/or cancel diving arrangements due to unfavorable weather conditions and to substitute comparable equipment. No refunds can be made for cancelled diving arrangements due to adverse weather, or for substitution of facilities and/or equipment or for services or goods provided in the itinerary should tour members not utilize such services or goods. All participants agree to comply with any reasonable term or regulation that Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) may prescribe during the program. Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) reserves the right to deny an applicant for any reason.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Terms and Conditions

Client certifies that all statements regarding dive experience are correct and that he/she understands that acceptance on this trip is predicated on his/her presentation that he/she is physically fit to, and has had sufficient training to engage in open water SCUBA diving and understands the risks involved and willingly assumes all risks whether foreseen or unforeseen. It is understood that Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) is independent of and has no business association, as partner, joint venture, owner or otherwise, with any resort, hotel carrier, boat operator, or other person or firm furnishing any service or facility in connection with the subject travel program.
It is expressly understood and agreed that Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) assumes no responsibility or liability for service, transportation, or equipment made available by any resort, hotel or other person, either as to its availability or as to its safety, quality or condition, nor for the acts of any employee or agent of such establishment. It is also understood and agreed that Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) does not by acceptance of the client, assume any responsibility or liability for the safety of any participating individual, particularly while such individual is engaged in underwater activities whether alone or in groups, under the supervision of a tour escort, or otherwise.
The tour escort is not acting in the capacity of instructor unless specifically indicated. Each client further agrees that in consideration of the price at which the said program is offered and conducted and other good and valuable consideration and in order to induce Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) to accept the client under the age of majority, release Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth)and its owners, operators, instructors, employees or other agents, from damages resulting from death or personal injuries, including loss of services which the client may sustain on account of, or in connection with said program including ownership, maintenance, use or operation of any Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) has not purchased insurance that would cover individuals in case of accident, injury, and death or property damage.
The client also agrees and realizes that an emergency medical situation may arise and hereby provides authorization to Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) and its employees or representatives, to provide emergency medical care, or necessary evacuation, and agrees to hold such parties harmless and indemnify them for any such action taken on behalf of the client and the costs incurred thereof. The client also agrees that this Release of Liability also binds the spouse, family, heirs and his/her legal representatives.

MISCELLANEOUS: Terms & Conditions

If there are any changes to the details supplied to us by you it is your responsibility to inform Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) as soon as possible. In particular, we will not be responsible for problems arising from your failure to adhere to instructions in our emails or correspondence (e.g. late changes to your transfer information, your failure to satisfy permit documentation requirements, failed to transfer deposit etc). All fares are quoted inclusive of taxes unless otherwise stated. Our prices reflect operator / supplier prices and are therefore subject to changes that they may make without prior notice. We will inform you of such changes as soon as possible. Please note that the number of dives we quote in our packages is a best estimate based on normal circumstances, not a guarantee.
Circumstances may arise during your vacations (weather, illness, personal choice) where the total number of dives or days done is less than the number we estimate/recommend. There will be no partial refunds in these circumstances. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that you meet the passport, visa, health requirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit. Like other online sales agents our website will not stop you from making impossible bookings such as two different liveaboard trips at the same time or where you book diving on the same day as a later flight. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not make such reservations. We will do our best to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified of them. However, because of the advanced technology that is required in operating Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) there may be times when obvious errors occur.
For example, very occasionally, this may result in a package price, product or other detail displayed or presented on our website being incorrect. In this case, we will do our best to correct the terms or revise them to mutual satisfaction, in spite of we reserve the right to cancel that contract, but this of course will be without any liability to you. In the unlikely event when your instructor falls ill and we do not have any other instructor to take over/replace, the course will have to be cancelled in protection of our instructor’s health. Depending on the amount of days, you will receive a refund or you are able to rebook the course without any more costs.


Indepth Instruction Co Ltd (Indepth) has no responsibility for the content of other third-party websites of which links appear on any of our websites or for the actions / inactions of the owners/operators of such sites. We make no representations or warranties with such sites or any packages or services provided on or through those sites or the providers of those services.


To be able to enter The Kingdom of Thailand you will need a passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity upon departing the Kingdom.  Please make sure you check if the country where you are coming from, the country mentioned in your passport, is allowed into the country with a visa on arrival or if you need to ask permission at one of the THAI visa info and Thai embassies.
Should you have any questions; please do not hesitate to Contact Us at Indepth Dive Centre Phuket.