Here you will find the best Phi Phi Dive Sites: all within easy Phuket Day Trip traveling distance from Chalong Pier

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Which are the best Phi Phi Dive Sites?

The world-famous Koh Phi Phi Island group actually consists of 6 islands. Consequently, there are quite a few Phi Phi dive sites to choose from. But which of the dive sites is the best? That is a very good question!

The Phi Phi Islands are roughly 45 km East of Phuket and take approximately 2 ½ to get there by Phuket dive boat. Or, another alternative for those wanting to dive Phi Phi would be to go by Private Speed Boat Charter. However, obviously this is more expensive than a normal Phuket Dive Tour or Trip. Having said that, you would able to be diving the Phi Phi dive sites within 1 hour or so of leaving Chalong Pier. It is a viable option for families and groups of friends diving together.

The Phi Phi Islands are made up of huge Limestone Walls or Formations, which rise dramatically up into the sky like medieval towers. You will find this scenery is typical of Krabi province and is spectacular to see. Phi Phi, shot to fame in 2000 with the release of "The Beach" movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert Carlyle. Although the movie was filmed on several locations around Thailand, most was shot at Maya Bay.

The largest island is called Phi Phi Don and is the only Island which is inhabited, the main village being called Ton Sai. Which not surprisingly it is located in Ton Sai Bay. This is the largest community on Phi Phi Don and where you will most likely be staying. Ton Sai Bay is where you will find the most accommodation, restaurants, night clubs, bars, shopping, internet, Thai Massage.

The dive sites and Islands are:

  • Bamboo Island
  • Mosquito Island
  • Ko Bida Nai
  • Ko Bida Nok
  • Phi Phi Leh Island
  • Phi Phi Don - which is the main Phi Phi Island.

The Phi Phi dive sites are famous for the diversity of marine life found on these dive sites, with a large array of fish and critters. Consequently there is something here for every level of diver, from the beginner diver, to those with years of diving. From Blacktip Reef Sharks to the occasional Whale Shark, hunting packs of Travellies after Glass Fish and Snappers, tiny Harlequin Shrimp and everyone's favorite Sea Horse: The Tiger Tail Sea Horse.

Phi Phi National Park Fees

PLEASE NOTE: As August 2017 Phi Phi National Park now charges for entrance into it's waters. Entrance is 400 THB and 1 day is 200 THB making a total of 600 THB. As with the Similans & Surin National Park Fees, this is not included in the Phi Phi Day Trip price. This is paid to the Marine Park Rangers when the boat enters the Marine Park Waters.

In conclusion: almost anything that South Asia has to offer can be found in the beautiful calm water of the Phi Phi dive sites ....

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