IDC Preparation is the key to a relaxed and successful PADI IDC with Indepth Dive Centre Phuket Thailand

Before you start your PADI IDC Preparation

First you need to check that you meet the prerequisite requirements.

PADI IDC Prep checklist: to enter a PADI IDC, you must be:

  • Certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor, PADI Divemaster or as dive leader with another recreational diver training organization.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Fit for diving
  • Able to submit a Diving Medical Form signed by a physician not longer than 12 months ago.
  • A certified diver of at least six months. And Logged at least 60 dives with experience in night, deep and navigation prior to beginning the Instructor Development Course. Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months & logged 100 dives prior to entering the PADI Instructor Examination.
  • Submit proof of CPR and First Aid training within the last 24 months. *

* We include an update for CPR / EFR training in our IDC Preparation (IDC Prep) if anyone is out of date. We can also arrange this update before or in conjunction with your IDC if required. PLEASE Contact Chris for further scheduling of your IDC Preparation.

The next thing is to book your space on our Indepth PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

When you are sure that you meet the requirements you will need to choose your PADI IDC Package! Once done then it is time to book your place on our PADI IDC. Which should include our IDC Preparation program (IDC Prep). And of course the EFR Instructor Course and any PADI Specialty Instructor Courses you wish to take.

When you have received confirmation that there is still space, you will then need to pay your PADI IDC Deposit. This can be done by via Pay Pal or Bank Transfer. Please Contact Us to let us know which payment method suits you best. Once your space on the IDC has been blocked we will then arrange and book your IDC accommodation for you. In addition, we will order your PADI & EFR materials, start organizing your IDC paperwork, IDC Preparation, IDC Teaching Assignments and so on.

Please contact us ASAP to make sure that there is still space available on the IDC you are interested in!

The final thing to do is to start your IDC Preparation:

IDC Preparation Step 1

Make sure your PADI Instructor manual is up to date. You should also download and read the past 12-18 months PADI Training Bulletins.

If you are in any doubt, please Contact Chris. It is an important part of your PADI IDC Preparation to familiarize and remind yourself of what changes there have been in the PADI System recently. If you are missing any you can download them from the PADI Pro section of

IDC Preparation Step 2

PLEASE make sure that you are confident with your level of PADI Dive Theory knowledge BEFORE the IDC!

PLEASE NOTE: The PADI Divemaster Course was revised in 2010. Since then the level of Dive Theory on the Divemaster Course is no longer the same as what is expected the IDC and IE! Thus, we believe that for Indepth IDC Prep, our THREE DAY IDC Preparation Program (IDC Prep) I should say, is now more valuable than ever before. We have run our unique Indepth PADI IDC Prep for the past 17 years with huge success.

Our IDC Prep includes Staff presentations on all 5 PADI Dive Theory Topics:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Equipment
  • Decompression Theory and the RDP (Table & eRDPml)
  • General Skills and the Environment

In addition, we will give you 2 sets of Dive Theory Exams that we know you have not seen before.

However the best IDC preparation you can do starts before you arrive at Indepth, and this is your Dive Theory. Dive Theory On-line is an excellent option available to you to help you prepare for the IDC Preparation (IDC Prep) and IDC. The PADI Dive Theory Online covers ALL 5 Dive Theory Topics and is taught online complete with Exams. In fact, if you complete this Online IDC Preparation, then it will in fact give you credit for the Dive Theory portion of the IDC. Although you still be advised to attend the Dive Theory on our IDC Preparation Program / IDC Prep.

The best Dive Theory IDC Preparation is your PADI Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving and Diving Knowledge Workbook. Get hold of these and work your way through them. Remember you received the Diving Knowledge Workbook in your PADI Divemaster Pack. Please believe us when we say that you will have ample to keep you busy during the IDC. And that you will not want to be worry about Dive Theory questions such as Partial Pressures, M Values & Half-times, signs and symptoms of Mediastinal Emphysema etc. This is all part of your PADI IDC Preparation.

Something we have learnt over the decades we have been teaching PADI IDC Preparation and PADI IDCs is: You know when you have mastered something when you can not only get the correct answer. But also explain WHY each of the other answers is wrong!

IDC and IE Exam Languages

During the IDC and IE, the written exams are available in over 20 languages. Should the exam not be available in your native language you will be allowed extra time. Again part of your PADI IDC Preparation is to let us know any language requirements. Please order exam papers in languages other than English well in advance of your PADI IDC / IE. If you think you might need language other than English then please let Chris know as early as possible.

IDC Preparation Step 3

Check what PADI materials you have, and which you are missing or out of date. This is because you will not only need the following PADI materials working as a PADI Instructor. But you will also be using them every day on your PADI IDC. In addition to on your actual PADI Instructor Exam itself.

Next review ALL your PADI materials. Please read through the revised PADI Open Water manual, NEW PADI Advanced Open Water manual and PADI Rescue Diver manual. It is surprising how much of the PADI Dive Theory material is actually in these manuals! You will also no doubt be surprised at not only how much information is in these manuals, but also how much you have forgotten!

Do you remember what Offshore and Longshore Currents are for example? No? Turn to Chapter 3 of your PADI Open Water Manual.

When it comes to Dive Theory a lot of the problems IDC Candidates have with Dive Theory can actually be found in the Open Water Diver manual. As such it’s not a bad idea to go through the Quick Quizzes, Knowledge Reviews and Final Exam. Do this as part of the IDC Preparation you do before you arrive on Phuket.

PADI IDC & IE: Required Manuals

It is a requirement to own the latest editions of the following PADI Diver level materials for your IDC and IE. These are from the PADI Courses that you have already taken on your path to becoming a PADI Divemaster:

And you will need the following PADI Instructor level materials:

  • IDC Pack
  • EFR Instructor manual

Please click here for our Indepth VIP Pricing offered to our IDC Candidates

IDC Preparation Step 4

GO DIVE as much as possible, nothing replaces real life experience ...

Assist your PADI instructor as often as you can. Practice all your dive skills, especially the 24 Skills of the PADI Divemaster Skill Circuit. Concentrate especially on your buoyancy skills: Hovering and Neutral Buoyancy. Also, your Out of Air skills: Alternate Air Source and CESA (the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent.) And don’t forget Remove and Replace skills: Scuba Unit and Weight Belt! both at the surface and underwater.

The "demonstration quality" expected of a PADI Instructor is a long way from being able to "do the skill" as you would expect of a Certified Diver. As part of your PADI IDC preparation PLEASE review the skills on the PADI Divemaster DVD. DEMONSTRATING these skills is something you should now put into practice. So find a pool or other confined water and PRACTICE! And If possible get a PADI IDC Staff Instructor to watch.

And while you are it, get that PADI Instructor to watch you perform Rescue Diver Exercise #7: "Unconscious Diver on the surface." You can review an excellent demonstration of this on The PADI Rescue Diver DVD or PADI Rescue Diver Touch. Assisting on PADI Rescue Diver Courses is also excellent PADI IDC preparation. Again, a demonstration and workshop of Rescue Diver Exercise #7 is included on our Indepth PADI IDC Prep.

And of course, make sure you have all the dive equipment required of a PADI Divemaster and Instructor! Find the complete list in the General Standards and Procedures section of your PADI Instructor manual. Open your PADI Instructor Manual to: Standards >>> Training >>> Required Equipment >>> Standard Instructor and Certified Assistant Equipment. As part of your IDC Preparation you should also service and update all of your equipment. Making sure it is ready for action!

IDC Preparation Step 5 - RELAX .....

Remember the more prepared you are, the less of a workload you will have during your IDC. This results in a more relaxed and enjoyable PADI IDC every time!