Our Indepth Dive Centre Phuket PADI IDC Schedule 2018 and the PADI Phuket IE Schedule for 2018 on Phuket Thailand

Phuket PADI IDC Schedule 2019 & Phuket PADI IE Schedule 2019

Here you can find our Indepth PADI IDC schedule 2019 and in addition the PADI Instructor Examination (IE) dates for 2019.

It takes some time to work out a PADI IDC Schedule for a whole year, such as our PADI IDC Schedule 2019. However below you can find our Indepth PADI IDC Schedule 2019. This is the PADI IDC Schedule 2019 of our PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC). Along with the other components of our Indepth PADI IDC Programs. This includes the EFR Instructor Course, our 3 day IDC Prep and also our PADI Specialty Instructor Courses, otherwise known as the MSDT Prep. Interestingly you will see that our PADI IDC Schedule 2019 is very similar to our 2018 IDC schedule.

With our PADI IDC Schedule 2019 dates, it means that you can go straight from your Phuket PADI IDC to the corresponding PADI IE on Phuket. In addition after each PADI IE, we run a week of Specialty Instructor Courses. The most popular Specialty Instructor Courses include the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Instructor, PADI Deep Diver Instructor Course and PADI EANx Instructor Courses. Also very popular on Phuket, as part of your PADI IDC Schedule 2019, is the PADI Rebreather Specialty Instructor and Drift Diver Specialty Instructor.

Please Note: Sometimes we do rearrange the PADI IDC Schedule 2019 slightly to accommodate our individual IDC Candidates needs. In fact, we customize each PADI IDC program slightly to make a PADI IDC Schedule that will meet the needs of that particular month's IDC Candidates. Consequently, we might run the IDC Prep before the EFR Instructor Course one month if that suits that particular bunch of IDC Candidates better. However, PADI IDC & PADI IE dates in our PADI IDC Schedule 2019 always remain the same.

In addition, please remember that our Indepth IDC programs cut off at a maximum of SIX candidates. Consequently please Contact Us as early as possible to make sure there is still space on the PADI IDC course/s which best suits your schedule.

IDC CourseJanuaryFebruaryMarch
IDC Days 1-2 (Can be done Online)05-0601-0201-02
IDC Prep07-0703-0403-04
IDC Days 3-608-1105-0805-08
DAY OFF120909
IDC Days 7-1013-1610-1310-13
EFR Inst & EANx Inst17-1814-1514-15
PADI IE19-2016-1716-17
DAY OFF211818
IDC Staff05-1601-1301-13
IDC CourseAprilMayJune
IDC Days 1-2 (Can be done online)05-0603-04May 31- June 01
IDC Prep07-0805-0602-03
IDC Days 3-609-1207-1004-07
DAY OFF131108
IDC Days 7-1014-1712-1509-12
EFR Inst & EANx Inst18-1916-1713-14
PADI IE20-2118-1915-16
DAY OFF222017
IDC Staff05-1703-15May 31- June 12
IDC CourseJulyAugustSeptember
IDC Day 1-2Jun 28-2902-03Aug 30-31
IDC PrepJun 30- Jul 0104-05Sept 01-02
IDC Days 3-602-0506-0903-06
DAY OFF061007
IDC Days 7-1007-1011-1408-11
EFR Inst & EANx Inst11-1215-1613-14
PADI IE13-1417-1815-16
DAY OFF151917
IDC StaffJun 28 - Jul 1002-14Aug 30 - Sep 11
IDC CourseOctoberNovemberDecember
IDC Days 1-2Sep 27-2801-02Nov 29-30
IDC PrepSep 29-3003-0401-02
IDC Days 3-601-0405-0803-06
DAY OFF050907
IDC Days 7-1006-0910-1308-11
EFR Inst & EANx Inst10-1114-1512-13
PADI IE12-1316-1714-15
DAY OFF141816
IDC StaffSep 27 - Oct 0901-13Nov 29 - Dec 11