Ana KD

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Best Dive Centre on Phuket
Amazing Dive Course on Phuket!

Many years ago I did my Padi Rescue course with Indepth Dive Center! It really changed my life!!!
The owner Chris, also a Padi Course Director is amazing and help me so much during the process!

For me the Padi Rescue is one of the most important courses. And I really wanted to be a hard course, but in the same time I was so scared about the theory part of the course because of the language. My first language is not English, and by that point of my life my English wasn’t that good, so that was my big problem.

Chris make sure to teach me and make sure that I understood everything from the course and helped me with all my crazy questions and of course to make me feel like family!

The most important of all, is that he help me with my first ideas of changing my life from a normal vacation diver to a professional diver!
Now in days I’m a padi MSDT instructor and manager of a dive center in the Maldives. He may not know, but a lot of my students somehow now him, from when they ask me how I ended up here.

I really recommend Indepth Dive Center for anybody that want to learn how to dive! From beginners to professionals! It is a small Center, but because of this you really will get all the information and knowledge that you expect!
Ana KD

June 2022