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What is PADI TecRec?

Very simply PADI TecRec is what we call Technical Diving as opposed to the "normal" range of PADI courses which are what we call "recreational diving."

What is Technical or Tec Diving?

Technical Diving or " Tec Diving" is a type of scuba diving that goes beyond the usual recreational scuba diving limits. We would usually say that "recreational diving" means:

  • Maximum Depth 40m
  • Non-Decompression Diving - meaning you can ascend directly to the surface at any point during the dive.

However when we look at PADI TecRec or Technical diving, typical dive features include:

  • Diving deeper than 40m
  • Decompression obligation - meaning you CANNOT ascend directly to the surface at any point during the dive
  • Mixed Gas diving involving Gas switches / diving with more than 1 gas mixture
  • Diving in an over-head environment where again no direct access to the surface is possible

In fact PADI's exact definition is:

"Diving other than conventional commercial or recreational diving that takes divers beyond recreational diving limits (130 feet (40 m). It is further defined as an activity that includes one or more of the following: diving beyond 40 meters/130 feet, required stage decompression, diving in an overhead environment beyond 130 linear feet from the surface, accelerated stage decompression and/or the use of multiple gas mixtures in a single dive."

What is one of the added risks of Technical diving?

As you may have gathered by now, in Tec diving the surface is often inaccessible in an emergency. Consequently Tec Divers need to train hard to learn how to use specialized procedures and equipment to manage these potential risks. Although Tec Diving and in turn PADI TecRec courses were founded on extensive open circuit technology. However over the past 10-15 years Tec diving has been revolutionized by the development, availability and reliability of Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR).

Rebreathers, especially CCR, have numerous benefits and provide Tec divers with significantly more time underwater.  You can more information about PADI Rebreather Courses here.

The PADI Difference

PADI TecRec courses are the quality benchmarks in the Tec diving community in part due to the rigorous, yet logical, training sequence. This is not surprisingly coupled with excellent PADI educational materials that support these courses.

TecRec courses are instructionally valid and have a seamless course flow that takes you from a new Tec diver to a qualified Tec diver able to dive to the outer limits of sport diving. The courses: Tec 40, 45 & 50 introduce slightly new skills sets and equipment as you extend your abilities through each level

What are the advantages of being a Tec Diver?

The first thing which springs to our minds is DEEP WRECK DIVING!!!

However there are many awesome spectacular reefs as well as untouched wrecks lying in depths well over 40m all over the world There are also many deep water coral reefs with species you would never find in shallower waters. Additionally many divers people enjoy the challenge and focus that Tec diving requires. And of course many divers love their "toys" and thus being involved with cutting edge technologies becomes part of the adventure.

However, you can be an accomplished, avid top-notch diver your entire life without making a tec dive. Tec diving does require significantly more effort, discipline and equipment, which means it’s not for everyone

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