From an IDC Candidate to PADI

I took part in Chris Owen’s IDC in Chalong, Puket in June this year and his professionalism is outstanding and I learnt so much from him. Chris is indeed a credit to Padi Asia and I inspire to one day be able to teach to his high standards.

I have been back at work for a month after returning from Thailand and whenever I talk to anyone about my trip the same comment keeps coming up, “Your Course Director sounds like a great guy”. I just thought I would tell you as well as I do think Chris has given me a superb role model to aim towards.

Unfortunately my trip was not all positive as I could not sit my IE at the end of my IDC as I had a motor cycle accident only a mater of days before the exams. I was very upset about this but Chris kept me positive and made me feel more than welcome to return in the near future to complete my IE. Chris went out of his way to help me with my injury by taking me to the hospital on several occasions and translating what was going on, including when the doctors over prescribed my medication which lead to a large rash.
Whilst in Thailand my bank cards were also frozen. This could have proved a major problem however Chris stepped in and paid all my hospital bills which considering I had only known him for a matter of weeks I think was very decent of him.

Thanks to the treatment I received my leg had nearly healed and I am itching to get back to sit my IE as soon as work commitments allow. I would have no hesitation recommending Chris to anyone I spoke to.