Mika Lukkonen

From an IDC Candidate
I did my IDC in April 2010 with Chris and the service I got even before the course (pick up from the bus station, driving me around the facilities, a long discussion over lunch about the course etc.) got me convinced that this is the place where I want to do my Instructor course.Throughout the course, the standards were kept high and things professional. There was only 3 candidates (to one Course Director and one IDC Staff Instructor, not bad eh) so things were constantly kept very personal but surely demanding which I definately appreciated. You are there to learn after all, not to have a holiday. Also the facilities are great. It seemed that everything was thought through from the point of the IDC training, classroom was very comfortable and the swimming pool was the best for teaching scuba diving I’ve seen before and since. Deep enough for proper ascends and descends, big enough for loads of people and we had it just for us! The pool is only couple of minutes walk from the IDC center in a beautiful resort where we also had our lunch (good food!!).

So with all this, I guess it’s needless to say that when the time for IE came, I was ready and confident with anything they might throw my way and I passed, not without stress, but without worrying that I’d miss something on the course. All the bases were covered!

On top of this, Chris has been supporting my dive career ever since, always ready to answer any diving related qustions I might have. Highly recommended!

Mika Lukkonen
January 2013