Moray Eeel seen at Homerun Reef on the way back from a Racha Noi 3 dive day with Indepth Dive Centre

Racha Yai Bay 3: Homerun Reef

Racha Yai Bay 3, where Homerun Reef is located is the smallest of the 3 bays along the East side of Racha Yai Island. This dive site can be reached by Phuket dive boat in about 1 1/2 hours, however it is usually dived on the way back.

Homerun Reef is a popular last dive of the day as it runs North along the East side of Racha Yai, taking you back in the direction of Chalong , which is how it got it’s name. Thus Homerun Reef  is a perfect local Phuket dive site for the last dive of the day. The current varies from nothing to strong, therefore be sure to listen carefully to your Dive Briefing and follow the dive plan. Additionally when not diving, such as during the surface interval, Homerun Reef is a great location to catch some sunshine whilst having lunch.

Underwater the clear and calm waters of Homerun Reef are excellent for beginners and divers who have not dived for a long time. The reef starts at 3-5m depending on the tide, sloping off to sand around 20m. The reefs here don't have much soft corals, however there is a lot of hard corals here. Especially Branch and Staghorn Corals. Homerun Reef has all the usual marine life you would expect. Notably there is even a small wooden shipwreck near the Southern end at 24m.

Homerun Reef is the perfect end to a perfect days diving ...

Homerun Reef: the dive site that takes you home

Homerun Reef is popular with Phuket Dive Pros and divers alike. And with depths ranging from 5-25m this Phuket dive site has something for everyone.

Starting in the shallows there is a large area of hard corals, with numerous Cuttlefish and reef Octopus. Consequently this is a great dive site for divers taking their first breaths underwater. We regularly bring our Try Divers / PADI Discover Scuba Diving divers here, in addition to our PADI Open Water Diver course students. It is also a nice dive site for Rebreather divers as they can often drift from Bay 1 and be picked up here.

You will find lots of Reef fish here including Trigger Fish, Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Puffer Fish and various Trumpet Fish. Furthermore there are various Parrot Fish, Wrasse, Anemone Fish, Moray Eels and Lion Fish. Additionally if you are lucky you may even see a Sea Snake, which are always fascinating to watch as they slither though the water.

Remember to keep your eyes open as this is also a good place to see Turtles. Moreover if you look under the rocks you may spot the elusive Comet Longfin.

For divers who are qualified as Advanced Open Water Divers there is an artificial reef out on the sands at 20-30m. This man-made coral nursery attracts the attention of many reef fish. Large schools of juvenile Barracudas and schooling Travellies are everywhere. Moreover, the occasional Leopard Shark has been seen here, along with a variety of Sting Rays.

Homerun Reef even has a small wooden wreck

The small wooden shipwreck is near the Southern end of the reef lying on sand at 24m. It is not marked and is easy to miss if you don’t know the dive site. Although there’s not much coral on it, it does attract large amounts of fish. You can expect some large schools of the ever curious Batfish. Remember the scour the sand for some large rays, like the Marbled Rays and Khuls, that like it here.

However be sure to watch your dive time carefully. Even diving on Nitrox it is very easy to run out of time as it is usually the 2nd or 3rd dive of it the day. Any divers doing their Advanced Rebreather course with us are likely do some dives here. Rebreather divers have plenty of time at these depths and take their time exploring this dive site.

Heading out South from the edge of the bay you will enter Bay 1. As the current usually runs from North to South, make sure you keep the rocks on your right. And while you are there, why not have a look around in the sand for Triggerfish guarding their nests.

This area of reef has been known to have Eagle Rays hanging around once in a while. And if you are very, very lucky, Manta rays have been seen here on very rare occasions.

Homerun Reef is a excellent dive site to finish the day on ....