Diving with Barracuda at Deep Six on a Similan Island Liveaboard with Indepth Dive Centre Phuket Thailand

Similan Island No. 7: Deep Six

Deep Six is another well known Similan Islands dive sites and is actually an extension of Similan Island No.7. Deep Six has the same kind of huge rocks and granite boulders covered with soft corals and huge Sea Fans. Moreover, there is an excellent mixture of large and small swim-throughs packed with schools of tropical fish.

Deep Six was actually named ‘Deep Six’ due to the fact that it actually used to be off Island No. 6. However, since the islands we renamed, Deep Six now sits off the North of point of Island No. 7. Consequently can you can expect to find very similar marine life here. Thus in addition to the usual stuff you will many pelagic fish here. Such as Giant trevallies, Dogtooth Tuna and Rainbow Runners which are attracted by the large school of Fusiliers often found here. Deep Six is not surprisingly quite deep, so you might want to dive Phuket on one of our Phuket Day Trips first if you want to get back into Dive Mode before your Similan Liveaboard Trip.

And if you go a bit deeper, you will no doubt find some White Tip Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks as well the usual assortment of Sting Rays.

How best to dive the famous Deep Six dive site?

Deep Six is at the Northern Tip of Similan Island No. 7. The current usually runs Southeast to Northwest or vice versa. As such the best way to dive Deep Six is to stay close to the boulders. Especially when the current is strong. This is in order to avoid being “blown” off the scuba diving dive site into the mid-water.

We like to start the dive in a natural bay which is found on the West side of the dive site. This is a short distance from the North end of the island. From there we can then drift in with the current. As there are a number of large boulders down to a depth of 12-15m, followed by a sloping reef which goes out a fair bit further and deeper.

What is "The Living Room" at Deep Six?

As you move into Deep Six itself, you should stay at 13m and keep your eyes peeled for the entrance to a stunning 5m long passageway. This is full of vibrant Gorgonian Seafans and Marbled Groupers. This passageway will take you into an area known as “The Living Room.” “The Living Room” is totally enclosed on four sides, but completely open from above. Consequently, this makes a kind of auditorium. From where you can watch all the Tuna, Barracuda and other hunting fish cruising over the top.

This is a place where you can sometimes see Manta Rays so be sure to take a glance into the blue every so often!

Rebreather divers often find this a cool place to hang out. Because Rebreather Divers can make very long recreational non-decompression dives. Consequently, Rebreather divers can often spend an hour or more in “The Living Room.” Not only can "The Living Room" be an awesome place to spend 1 hour when you are on a 2-3 hour recreational rebreather dive, but especially if you are a keen photographer.

Where to go after The Living Room?

After diving in the Living Room, you can head down to either of the 2 deepest parts of the dive site. These are the base of “The Living Room” and have more swim-throughs at around 20m. These swim-throughs lead out onto the outer part of the reef.

Here there is a rocky sloping reef formed by the big boulders that are themselves covered by a patchwork of Gorgonian Seafans and Staghorn coral. The boulders drop down in a kind of deep shelf system that descends to more than 50m. Consequently, making this dive site, at the usual 30m max depth for Advanced Open Water divers, a good place to look out for White Tip Reef sharks as they come up to the reef to hunt.

For those taking their PADI Advanced Open Water Course on their Similan Island Liveaboard Safari Deep Six is THE Similan Dive Site for your Deep Adventure Dive. This is in addition to those taking the PADI Deep Diver Specialty Diver Course. Which incidentally is a must for diving the Similans. Moreover, Deep Six also offers a superb range of Deep Dives in the 30-40m range.

As you head back up to the shallower parts you can either go back into The Living Room via either of the two swim-throughs at 20m. Or you can head round to the Eastern or Western parts of the island. On the East side you’ll find passageways at about 12m, whereas the West takes you onto a hard coral reef at about 15m.

Remember to always keep looking out into the blue whilst on your safety stop. Because friendly Batfish and colourful fusiliers can often be seen in the shallows.

Deep Six is another Similan dive site on the “Must Do” list for any Similan and Surin Island Liveaboard Trip!