PADI is the world's leading scuba diver training agency offering over 40 PADI courses
PADI courses

PADI Courses : Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Welcome to the world’s leading Scuba Diving training organization - PADI, celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2016. There are over 140,000 active PADI scuba diving Professionals with more than 6,500 Dive shops and Dive resorts worldwide. In addition PADI offers over 40 PADI courses to choose from. Including Recreational, Professional and Technical diving as well as Rebreathers and Freediving.

PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after Scuba Diving Certifications in the world. As such no matter where you choose to dive your PADI course certification card will be recognized and accepted. What's more you will probably be surrounded by fellow PADI Divers.

With PADI you will find some of the best state of the art On-line Training and Digital Products. These range from web based to Tablet and Smart phone Apps. Thus making it easy to study in your own time before you start your PADI course. In turn this gives you more time diving and less time in the classroom which is what we all want!

Take a look at the chart below and start planning your future in scuba diving with our PADI Course flow-chart: